Thursday, March 4, 2010

Help Me Build My Rig

"Help Me Build My Rig" --> this is a very common statement in computer related forums. It may not be the same exact phrase but one way or another its the same.

As an enthusiast, I can share you some of the things which a buyer should consider and think about before buying and building a new Rig/Computer.
The two primary things which you should consider are:

1. First and foremost, Know you Budget. It is very important that you should now your budget first. You budget will define what kind of rig/computer will you buy. Whether your building a Monster Rig, a Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC), torrent/internet rig or a simple day to day office use computer

My office mates usually asks me for advice on what kind of setup should they get. Usually they ask me questions like "Is the specification of the computer okay?", "Is this fast?", or "Can you give me a good specs of a fast computer". And then I ask them again "How much is your budget?" and they would give me an amount which is equivalent to a much lower specs. Hahaha I mean if you want a fast computer or a good one, you better increase your budget.

Better and Faster computer means much more expensive. You can not buy a very good PC like quad core-powered computer with a very limited or tight budget (unless your looking for second hand items).

General Rule: The bigger your budget is, the more options you have.

2. Know what is your purpose for buying/building that kind of rig/computer. What is it for? What software, games, applications are you planning to install? Knowing what is the purpose of your computer can help you spend your money wisely.

If you just want a computer for internet purposes only or typing documents, then you do not need to spend much more money. The old Pentium 4 processors can easily handle these kind of tasks. Of course Pentium 4 are obsolete. Today Atom processors can handle these kind of tasks easily.
These kind of setup usually comes cheap and you do not need to spend a lot of money.

But if you are into heavy gaming, video editing/rendering and other stuff which requires much much more calculating power then you should consider buying quad core based processors.
Make sure you have a big budget, because quad core processors alone are expensive, and you also have to consider a better motherboard, faster video card, bigger memory size and bigger and faster hard drives.

Basically these two are the major things which you should consider. After you have establish these two factors, the rest are; choosing a specification that would "fit" your needs, your preferred brand, the store which offers the best price you can find, warranties (also important), after sales services (also important) and other lesser important things.

I hope you have learned something in these article. And I would like to share more guides and tips in my following articles. ^_^

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