Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to know if the Sennheiser CX 300/500 series is fake or real?

How to know if the Sennheiser CX 300/500 series is fake or real?

I have been a user of Sennheiser CX 300-II and CX 500 and I love my earphones. The sound is really great and you could hear every detail of the music. The clarity and the crispness of the sound that it produce is soo good that it's really "music to my ears".

Note: The quality of the file or mp3 is also important. If the file is compressed to much or has a poor audio quality then your Sennheiser would be useless.

Here are some comparison I gathered to know if your Sennheiser CX is fake or real:

The opening in the box is poorly shaped and is not molded well.

The outline of the box is poorly shaped. Craftsmanship is poor even in the packaging.

The ">PET<" signed is poorly embossed and is not in place.

Can you guess which one is fake? The left side is the fake one. you can see the logo of Sennheiser is poorly printed.

Can you guess which one is fake? The right side is the fake one. Sennheiser used a "overlapping" mesh and not a flat one like you see on the right side.

The Sennheiser logo at the back of the earplug is not properly aligned at the center

The pouch on the bottom is obviously the fake one.

Here are some guide to determine if a CX 500 is fake or not:

Here's a video:

Additional Notes:

To my surprise, the new CX 300 and 500 earplugs has a gap in between the aluminum circle and back of the plug. I thought it was fake since my CX 300-II did not have a gap in between but it was not fake.

CX series are quite in the market for a long time and people who makes fake Sennheiser CX series earplugs, or class A type, has almost perfected the looks and quality of the earplug. Now a days, there is only little difference from original Sennheiser earplugs to the fake one, including the sound quality. So be very careful before buying one.

"Feel" the Sennheiser first. If you have been using ORIGINAL Sennheiser products before or even other brands you can tell if its fake or not. The craftsmanship, quality and PRICE of an original Sennheiser is always better and higher compared to a class A or fake one.

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