Wednesday, March 3, 2010

AIDS.. As if Doing Something

I wanna share this with you. My officemate often complains that its hard to pretend that you are doing something to look like you are busy. My officemate calls it AIDS (As If Doing Something).

So here are common things that you can do to "look" like your busy or overworked:

1. Always leave your entire table/cubicle messy. Build huge piles of papers and folders on your desk. Put quick box and data fillers beside you. Even if they are empty. People around you will think you’re overworked.

2. When your walking around, always walk with folders and papers in your hands, even if the folders are empty and the papers are blank. People will think that if you are carrying a folder your carrying some important documents, or your delivering something important. People with nothing in their hands look like they’re doing nothing. Just walking around and trying to "escape"/"avoid" their work.

3. Always look like you need tons of Stress Tabs. Your boss will think that you are REALLY stressed out and overwork.

4. Send text messages or emails to your boss during 1am-3am. Set your alarm clock at 2 AM, text your boss, and go back to sleep. This will give the impression that you are still working at very late hours and your boss will think that you are a hard worker.

5. Sigh loudly when many other people are around. Give the impression that you’re under extreme pressure.

6. In your conversations, say technical words even if you don’t understand them. For example, if an office mate complains that the computer he/she is using is slow, say, "It's because your computer is having 40% packet loss and is running way below 1megaflops due to your older processor with 100nanometer technology." You can speak anything, even if you don't understand what you are saying or doesn't make sense at all. and you’ll still sound impressive.

Its funny isn't it? People would do such things to make themselves "busy". But i tell you DO NOT DO THIS. This is definitely not good! Your procrastinating things and your not being productive at all. If people found out that you are actually doing these things, it will definitely be a minus points for you.

If you are really doing nothing at all or tired or doing the same job/things, take a break, find some other things which you can do or which you like to do. Be more productive. In these way your time is not wasted.

I'm sure there are tons of things which you can do in your office. And oh by the way, its not good that your cubicle or table is messy. I've been working in an office for 3years and its not good that your table/cubicle is messy.

It's also not good if you look like your in your 30s or 40s even if your actually 20+. If you have a pretty and beautiful client in front of you, I tell you, that person would be turn off. And if you were single, you had just missed the chance with that person. ^_^

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