Monday, August 9, 2010

Learn how to earn from the Internet from Workshop in Cebu and Manila

Do you want to learn how you could make money online?
Or if you already know how to make money online but still not making an significant amount of money online...

There will be a Cebu Internet Marketing Workshop on August 14-15
and a Manila Internet Marketing Workshop on September 3-4
These are hands-on workshops; you don't just sit there, you get 
to use the computer and instantly apply your learnings!.

Also if you are unable to attend the workshop in Cebu and Manila there is also an online coaching with Jomar Hilario all through out the year.

Here are some unbiased feedback from his students:

The Two (2) Days Internet Marketing Workshop by Jomar Hilario is SIMPLY AMAZING. SIMPLY in the sense that whatever your status in society - head of state (president) or head of street (kanto boy/ tambay) you will learn on how to earn money via internet. Jomar Hilario discussed the topics full of enthusiasm. AMAZING - you will not only learn how to earn money on internet but how to reach your dreams. The workshop fee is priceless compare on what you have learned on the workshop.
I have learned a lot today and I'm excited for today's topics.
Nat Flores

Hi Jomar,

I was recently laid off and was losing hope but by attending your seminar, I found out that there are lots of opportunites in life, it's just up for us to prepare for it!!! I tried going to real estate and set-up everything including my website but got to a dead short, I stumbled on one of your blogs and decided to take your workshop. Now it gave me a new hope and pretty sure I'll make it plus other additional income earners that you have taught us!

Your workshop was very informative and straight to the point!!! No technical terms, jargons and confusing process. I also liked the food except that ventilation inside the venue sucks (peace!) =)

Adrian A. Amansec

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internet marketing:  

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