Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is Mobile Content Becoming an Addiction?

Not that long ago, only people with big money had cell
phones. Now you cannot throw a rock without hitting someone
with a cell phone attached to his or her ear. It seems like
people are all talking on cell phones now instead of
talking to the person they are with.

Cell phones have become an addiction to many people, they
want information about anything, and everything delivered
to them as soon as they decide they want it.

The mobile content industry is quickly becoming one of the
most sought after information sources for people with cell
phones or other handhelds.

We are officially living in the immediate gratification
era. Because of technology, people expect things now. They
no longer have to wait for information they want to come in
the mail.

They do not want to wait. The only thing that could improve
on the immediate download technology would be if we could
figure out a way to beam tangible products to where ever we
are. You know (beam me up Scotty).

Since this is not likely to ever be possible, getting
immediate gratification through downloads is the next best
thing and people are becoming addicted to this technology.

Billions of people have cell phones and handheld devices
that they can download mobile content to and get
information immediately. Now is your chance to increase
your Internet revenues by offering these billions of people
what they want, when they want it.

Since the mobile content is still growing, you have the
opportunity to get in on this new medium and start a
completely new income stream to build your business

Just imagine if you could make your website mobile. Even
though mobile shopping is still quite new, you can find
many people that are excited about trying it for the first
time. By getting started now, you have the chance to build
many long-term customers.

Why not try it, and set up your website for mobile content?
Be sure to test how everything looks on several different
types of cell phones and PDAs. Before you know what you
will have a ton of extra business and loads of extra loyal
customers that will come back repeatedly to see what kind
of content you have added.

People are excited because they can get smaller pieces of
information and downloaded quickly. They can pay easily
using their phone. They are excited about the prospect of
being able to get their information instantly.

Whether you offer software, music, mp3 interviews, audios,
ebooks, or any other mobile content, you can offer your
products to mobile users worldwide with

The Pocket Brand App Store portal is a web solution for
selling premium mobile content over the internet, where 80%
of mobile users search-for and discover new mobile content
for their phones.

It is the only end-to-end solution for presenting,
managing, promoting and selling your mobile content off
deck. The App store is fully customizable and it's easy to
upload your own custom skins, headers and home screens
using the admin.

The store is hosted on your own website (requires PHP and
MySQL). Pocket Brand provides installation and support for
all App Store clients to help you get up and running. Your
premium mobile content is protected and secure on your own
server and only sent to users upon successful purchase.

All your mobile content can be easily uploaded to your own
site via the admin tool or you can link-to existing mobile
that is already hosted online.

You can include unlimited categories, sub-categories and
products. You can link-to external swf movies to create
more pages and you can even add special offers to your
subcategory pages.

If you're ready to start increasing your customer base,
then adding mobile content is an important step to get
started right. With millions of mobile page views every
month, you can get in the mobile content industry quickly
and easily with a great potential for increasing your
business every day.

Go to the site now and sign up to get started now!

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